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About ROYCO Amalagamated

Royco Amalgamated Company Limited (RA) is a privately held Tongan company established in 1976. In the 1970s RA began business with stevedoring and agriculture but subsequently expanded and diversified over the next three decades building up a portfolio of commercial property & construction.

In the 1980s RA operations expanded and added to the portfolio, retail of cement, quarry products (coral stone, aggregates, soil & sand, pioneer in the private sector) & provision of commercial concrete in Tonga, (pioneer in private sector).

Following tropical cyclone Isaac in 1982, RA agricultural pursuits ended and business strategic focus shifted to construction & commercial property.

In 1989 RA completed and provided a three storey concrete building holding a total of 1,252 square meters of rentable office space situated on Fatafehi Road in the heart of the Nuku'alofa Central Business District (CBD).

In the early 1990s RA further strengthened the construction portfolio by establishing Fletcher Royco Joint Venture (FRJV) with Fletcher Construction Company South Pacific (FCCSP) of New Zealand. The FRJV establishment included the construction of a Joint Venture office & warehouse and a neighbouring ready mix plant fully fitted with office, aggregate bins, generator, test compressive machine, workshop and warehouse located on Taufa'ahau Road, Tofoa, 6 minutes drive from the Nuku'alofa CBD.

In 1999 RA furthered the transportation portfolio by acquiring a 33.33% stake in Port Services Limited (PSL) responsible for controlling the wharf operation of the international Nuku'alofa sea port, Queen Salote Wharf. Following a lucrative PSL operation, RA sold the interest held in PSL back to the Government of Tonga in 2004.

In 2006, RA merged with New Zealand shipping company, Pacific Direct Line to form Nuku'alofa Stevedoring Limited (NSL). RA held a 49% stake in NSL. That same year, a concrete consultant from Australia was commissioned and RA successfully implemented procedures/policies/documentation to supply concrete in compliance with Australian/New Zealand standards.

Following a profitable stevedoring operation spanning three decades, RA sold the NSL stake to Dateline-Transam Shipping (DTS) in 2010. On that same year RA successfully refurbished the Royco Building and attained a long term tenant, New Zealand Immigration Department.

With over three decades of business contact with the end users and stakeholders, RA understand the importance of quality and dependability in serving both large jobs where timing is crucial and small jobs where no one wants to be let down.

Currently, RA own and manage a sound portfolio of transportation, construction and commercial property.