Key Events over the last 12+ years

  • 2013 :

    Matson Agent Nuku’alofa
    First Wind Turbine Nakolo project
    Touliki Sailor Barracks
    FWC Maopa Hall
    Free Church of Tonga Church – Ma’ufanga

  • 2012 :

    QSW berth extension & entry upgrade
    Solar Farm
    Vaiola Hospital final phase completion

  • 2011 :

    Vaiola Hospital final phase
    TERM attained as tenant for Royco Building.

  • 2010 :

    NSL sold to DTS.
    New Vuna Wharf
    Royal Palace refurbishment.
    Royco Building refurbishment.
    New Zealand Immigration signed on as a long term tenant of Royco Building.

  • 2009 :

    Nuku'alofa reconstruction projects (Taupmoepeau Building, Sanft Building & Narrattom Building).
    New RM record for concrete produced and poured in 24 hours.

  • 2007 :

    RA registers RM as a separate entity. RA holds 50% stake in RM.
    LDS (Church of Latter Day Saints) appoints RM as preferred supplier of ready mix concrete in Tonga.

  • 2006 :

    Vaiola Hospital phase B
    New LDS Temple Liahona
    New PTH Building
    RA merges with PDL and form NSL. RA holds 49% stake in NSL.
    Australian Standards successfully introduced into the supply of RA ready mix concrete.

  • 2005 :

    RA acquires portable Kumbee 1½ crusher with production capacity of 30 tonnes per hour.
    RA successfully distributes PNG Taiheiyo Portland cement on a national scale.

  • 2004 :

    PSL sold to GOT.

  • 2002 :

    New RA record for the highest volume of ready mix concrete produced in a year.
    Vaiola Hospital Phase A.

  • 2001 :

    New RA record for the most ready mix concrete produced in a year.

  • 1999 :

    RA successfully acquires 33.33% stake in PSL.
    PSL is granted control of Nuku'alofa international sea port.
    GOT privatises Nuku'alofa sea port.