Services We Offer

Tonga's infrastructure development is in infancy, a true contrast to neighbouring mature countries, Fiji and Samoa. The potential for rapid growth in Tonga is immense and RA stands well situated and equipped to meet the requirements of potentially significant developments in the near future.


RA supplies ready mix concrete in accordance with New Zealand and Australian standards and further demonstrated compliance with other high international concrete standards of Japan, China and the United States of America. Proactive developments included maintaining all plant equipment in accordance with annual IANZ certification and quality control via extensive policies/procedures/documentation.

RA's improved concrete quality compliance was recognised by LDS who established RA with preferred supplier of concrete status for LDS jobs in early 2007. LDS contracts comprise a significant market share of commercial construction jobs in Tonga.

In addition to the above, ready mix concrete contracts are also won through RA's joint venture, FRJV, and RA's close business association with other major construction organisations in Tonga and abroad. Recently RA was proud to successfully supply significant infrastructure projects such as the Vaiola Hospital and the Solar Farm.

The ready mix concrete business was made a separate entity in 2007 and legally trades as Royco Ready Mix Concrete Company Limited (RM). RA holds a 50% stake and the remaining RM shareholding is held by Roy T Cocker.

Royco Shipping Services

Successful proposal to be Matson (Take over Reef Shipping in receivership) agent in Tonga in 2013. Door to door Service inclusive of shipment, shipping/custom clearance & delivery to client door.



RA produces aggregates (dust, 7-13mm, 13-20mm, base course/oversize), uncrushed coral stone, top soil, clay soil, and boulders. The quarry supplies RM with aggregates for its ready-mix operations and also sells direct to other major construction companies such as FRJV, Ca Bella, Oregon Pacific, Five Star and private sales.

The quarry operation consists of 2 bulldozers, excavator, 5 dump trucks, 3 Front End Loaders and 2 aggregate crushers. The quarry operation's high efficiency and effectiveness is reflected by RA's pricing which is currently positioned as the most competitive in the quarry market. RA quarry operation has successfully led the industry and has the lion's share of the market.

Fletcher Royco Joint Venture

RA provides premium construction services for large scale commercial projects through its joint venture with Fletcher Construction Company South Pacific, since 1992. The Fletcher Construction Company undertook its first overseas contract in 1946, in Western Samoa. It has been active in the South Pacific ever since.

By establishing appropriate people with sound support from New Zealand, and building collaborative relationships throughout the South Pacific islands, Fletcher has become the leading quality builder in the Pacific region. In Tonga FRJV has competed significant infrastructure projects such as the Taufa'ahau & Vuna road project, Reserve Bank Building, Fua'amotu International Airport, Neiafu Wharf, Fund Management Building, ANZ Building, Royco Building, Vuna Wharf and the Solar Farm Project.

Since establishment, the FRJV is on a project by project basis and accordingly RA has a 25% share of margins declared on an annual basis.


RA Sidelifter operations provides transport of containers for RM, FRJV and other major construction companies and private customers.

RA holds various heavy machinery ranging from front end loaders, dump trucks and forklifts that can be made readily available for equipment hire.

RA commenced in 1976 with stevedoring. After decades of experience and lucrative operation, the stevedoring business was sold in 2010.

Commercial Property

Royco Building was officially opened in 1989. However Royco Building was refurbished and remodeled by Fletcher Royco Joint Venture in 2010. Royco Building now proudly provides 1,040 square metres of premium office rental in the heart of Nuku'alofa. Royco Building's charm and unique character has gained full occupation by high profile tenants, New Zealand Immigration Department and Tonga Energy Road Map Implementation Unit (TERM).

RA's Assets include
  • Two prime commercial leases
  • Royco Building
  • FRJV office/warehouse
  • Concrete office/warehouse
  • Highway concrete plant
  • Quarry lease
  • Two aggregate crushing plants
  • Two bulldozers
  • Excavator
  • Five front end loaders
  • Four forklifts
  • Five dump trucks
  • Seven concrete trucks
  • Four light company vehicles
  • Container Side-lifter
  • Shipping Services
The RA assets perform a key role in providing Tonga with the following
  • Ready Mix Concrete supplied in accordance with Australian & New Zealand Standards through a 50% ownership of Royco Ready Mix Concrete Company Limited (RM)
  • Imported quality Portland cement
  • Soil & Coral Stone products
  • Transport of containers up to 40 foot with a maximum capacity of 38 tonnes
  • Heavy equipment hire
  • Premium construction services via the Fletcher Royco Joint Venture (FRJV)
  • 1,040 square meters of premium office rental
  • Custom broker services
  • Door to door delivery of 20’/40’ container
  • Shipping of LCL FCL & Break Bulk from NZ to Tonga
  • Export of Reefer (Refridgerated Container) FCL, LCL & Break Bulk from Tonga to NZ